Common Workplace Accidents

Published: 20th May 2011
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Every year millions of workplace injuries are reported, and there are other millions minor injuries that go unreported. Workplace accidents are the injuries that occur either at your workplace or contributes to an injury while working. The people generally get confused about the injuries that either they come into the zone of workplace injuries or not. Here is the list of common workplace accidents:

Lifting accidents: the most common workplace injuries comprise injuries due to lifting heavy weights. The most common reported lifting injures are back injuries, muscle strain, sprains and sometimes even serious injuries leading to hospitalization. The best way to avoid these injuries is to maintain a perfect posture while lifting the objects and instant medical aid is required.

Accidents due to Falling objects: some injuries are unavoidable and can happen even if all the safety measures are taken properly. These are the injuries caused due to the falling of the objects. Being hit by the falling objects, common injuries that occur are head injuries, back injuries,neck injuries and in some cases these injuries can be fatal. These injuries can be avoided by training the employees properly and avoiding overhead storage. If necessary proper nets should be used so that the falling objects does not hurt the people working down.

Heavy equipment Accidents: with the modernization, much of the work is accomplished by heavy tools and machines. A small mishandling or malfunction can lead to injuries. The machine needs to be repaired regularly. Other thing that is necessary is to train the person handling the machine. The proper knowledge about the machine can be very helpful in avoiding the accidents due to heavy equipment. Workplace accidents claims should be asked for.

Slips and trips accidents: the most common accidents that are out of control are the slip and fall accidents. The main reason for the slips are slippery floors, leaks in the machines that end up spreading liquid on the floor, electrical cords spreading all around and improper surfaces. The main injuries due to slips are head injuries, broken bones, strains and sprains and even death, sometimes. These can be avoided by keeping a regular check on the floors and workplace conditions.

Travel accidents: it is not necessary that you have to be a truck driver meeting an accident while carrying goods from one place to another, to be considered as travel accidents. Thousands of employees meet accidents while traveling back and forth to workplaces and other work related jobs. These are the most dangerous accidents that can cause deaths or serious injuries.

Accidents due to prolong exposure: when you are at a workplace, you are open to many pollution like noise pollution and air pollution that can lead to diseases like asthma, skin disorders, hearing disorders and many other breathing problems. The best way to avoid these injuries is to talk to your employer if symptoms of the above diseases appear.

Workplace accidents are common and can't be avoided, but what we can do is decrease the probability of these accidents and the effect of the injuries. So get aware and move a step ahead towards your safety in the workplace.

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